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North Shore Elopement

A few weeks back, on a rainy Spring day we got the chance to collaborate with Anna of Wildly Connected Photo and her team for an elopement shoot up the North Shore.

It was the sweetest weekend, complete with a canoe trip for the couple, an A-frame cabin tucked in the woods and of course, the back drop of Lake Superior.

We designed the florals for the shoot and were able to try out some ideas we've been waiting for the chance to create!

Alexis wore a full floral lapel paired with a small accent boutonniere. A lapel piece is a great alternative to a boutonniere if you want a fuller floral look. Hoping to see more of them in the next few wedding seasons!

Erica held a full bouquet of pastel pinks + oranges, lilac purples, creamy whites and baby blues. Her bouquet featured streaming silk ribbons tied in "love-knots", a tradition that was common in 1920's American wedding fashion.

An example of the hanging ribbon style from the 1920's. Often times the ends were tied in bows and held clumps of ferns.

So many thanks to everyone for working together to make this shoot happen!

Hosted by: @wildlyconnectedphoto

Hair and Makeup: @mirrormirrorbyrach

Models: @alexis.saari and @ericarempert

Dessert @positivelythirdstreet

Canoe rentals: @explorenorthoutfitters

and thanks to Koehler & Dramm, we were able to source flowers for this off-season shoot!


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