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Everything you need to know about your subscription of flower magic.

Flower CSA
Flower CSA
Flower CSA

Where can I pick up my share?

There are a few options for you to pick-up your share!

Local Business: You can pick up your CSA share at Wild State Cider in Duluth from 4 to 9 PM on Mondays or at Hemlocks Leatherworks in Duluth from 1 to 5 PM on Thursdays.

On Farm: You can pick up your CSA share at our farm from 12 to 6 PM on Wednesdays. 


When you purchase your share make sure to specify which pick-up spot you prefer.

Can I buy the CSA as a gift for someone else?

Yes! Just write in the preferred pick-up site and the recipient's full name, email, and phone number before adding the share to your cart. We will mail you a Gift Voucher to give to the recipient when you choose. It will have all the important details about their flower magic share. We will also email the recipient a few weeks before the CSA starts notifying them of the gift and subscription details. Please get in touch if you have questions.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, all sales on our CSA subscription are final as we have a limited number of spots and plan our farm plot months in advance. The only way we can offer a refund is if you find a replacement for your CSA spot. 


What if I can't pick up my share?

Because we are using other business's space they have so generously agreed to let us be in, we cannot ask them to hold flowers past the designated pick-up day. The alternative option to pick up your share would be the on farm pick-up day (Wednesdays) or to swing by the Cloquet Farmers Market (Saturdays). Please make these arrangements at least two days in advance of your pick-up day. If you are gone or forget to go to your pick-up site without notice, your share will be donated and brighten someone else's day. If you have a planned vacation, email us in advance and we will do our best to get you your flowers. 

What if the crop fails?

Flower farming is beautiful and dreamy but full of unpredictable unknowns. This can be anxiety inducing for both the farmer and CSA members. We do our absolute best to protect our crops and soil against natural damages such as insects, frost, wind, erosion and storms, but that being said we cannot control Mother Nature. Part of the reward of farming is the inherent risk, as a CSA member you are joining us on that path. While it is not likely, if we do have unforeseen events that affect our crop we cannot guarantee full refunds but will do our best to be accommodating in any way we see fit. 

Can I add more flowers to my pick up?

Yes! If we are able, we are always willing to add more wrapped flowers for an additional cost. Email us with details of your floral needs and we can add onto your CSA pick-up. Please let us know two days in advance and we can get you what you need.

What is my responsibility as a CSA member?

As a member of our flower share your role is to pay attention to emails we send out with updates and reminders about your share. You are also responsible for picking up your share at the designated spot you chose, as well communicating with us if you are unable to pick up.

What is your responsibility as the farmer?

Our role is to grow, arrange and transport your share to the designated pick-up sites throughout your seasonal share period. We will provide you with the flower magic each week that you paid for as a member of our CSA. We will consistently communicate with you throughout the season regarding the CSA share.

Can my share be specific flower, colors, etc?

Sorry, we cannot take special requests for the weekly share. We promise each bundle will be a beautiful, well thought out, always changing combo of colors, textures and flowers. If you want something custom in addition to your weekly share send us a message, we love to design custom orders!

How do I get updated on the CSA?

We will add you to our CSA email list for reminders and updates. Subscribe to our email list to get updates about the farm in general.

Can I get a replacement if my flowers die?

Sorry, we cannot give out replacements. Flowers are a live product that grab our hearts but are in the process of dying as soon as they are cut. That being said, we always harvest at just the right moment to have blooms lasting as long as possible. Each variety will vary with its vase life, and the cleanliness of the water and room temperature will affect the vase life as well. We cannot be responsible for how flowers are handled once you have received them. We do recommend giving the stems a quick cut and putting them into clean, fresh water ASAP after you pick up. When placing in a vase, make sure no foliage is on the part of the stems that are in the water.

Many thanks for taking part in this flower magic.

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